A little while ago, in 2007, I got my first experience as 1st Assistant Director on the set of a feature film. Before that, I had never been working as a 1st AD, not even on short films or music videos. But, one day, a crazy director decided he would place a bet on me, and he chose me for that key role in his next project.
It was NOT an easy film at all...


I was thrown to Africa, in the wild Savannah of Kenya, ADing for an action film full of special effects, gunshots, car explosions, fights, stunts, production issues... even scorpions!
Of course, I totally screwed up. I almost had a nervous breakdown and, throughout the whole shooting period, the director never stopped expressing his homicidal feelings towards my figure.
But, in the end, I managed to survive until film wrap.


Today I think I can say that I got a little better at this job. Since then, I have been 1st AD in and off Italy for several feature films, TV series, short films, commercials, and music videos.


I have been assisting both debut and experienced directors, and I feel comfortable managing either big international productions or indie films.


This segment of my career has allowed me the privilege of working side by side with Masters of Cinema, such as Academy-Award® Winner Director Robert Moresco and the Italian Genre-Film guru Sergio Martino. I also had the chance to witness the fine performing arts of players like Antonio Banderas, Andy Garcia, Gabriel Byrne, Rutger Hauer, and Danny Glover, just to name a few...


I'm an expert user of Movie Magic Scheduling for script breakdown reports and production stripboards. I'm also familiar with professional screenwriting software like Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and CeltX for a fast and efficient integration with MMS.

Here is a selection of trailers from my work as First Assistant Director


Feature Films Anchor

Lamborghini - The Man Behind the Legend

Director: Robert Moresco  //  Cast: Frank Grillo, Gabriel Byrne, Mira Sorvino  //  Production Company: ILBE Group  //  2022


Director: Robert Moresco  //  Cast: Karl Urban, Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara  //  Production Company: AMBI Group  //  2018

Dicono di te

Director: Umberto Riccioni Carteni  //  Cast: Max Giusti, Paolo Calabresi, Ilaria Spada  //  Production Company: Rodeo Drive  //  2024

Tell It Like a Woman (segment)

Director: Lucia Puenzo  //  Cast: Eva Longoria  //  Production Company: ILBE Group  //  2022

Almost Dead

Director: Giorgio Bruno  //  Production Companies: Olivia Film, Explorer Entertainment  //  2016

Sulle Nuvole

Director: Tommaso Paradiso  //  Cast: Marco Cocci, Barbara Ronchi, Paolo Briguglia  //  Production Companies: Warner Bros. Italia, Cinemaundici  //  2022


Director: Francesco Cinquemani  //  Cast: Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover, Michelle Ryan, Gale Harold  //  Production Company: AMBI Group  //  2015

2047: Sights of Death

Director: Alessandro Capone  //  Cast: Rutger Hauer, M. Madsen, Stephen Baldwin, Danny Glover, Daryl Hannah  //  Production Company: AMBI Group  //  2014

Hope Lost

Director: David Petrucci  //  Cast: Mischa Barton, Danny Trejo, Michael Madsen, Daniel Baldwin  //  Production Company: AMBI Group  //  2015

The Tracker

Director: Giorgio Serafini  //  Cast: Dolph Lundgren  //  Production Company: Sun Film Group  //  2019


Director: Lucas Pavetto  //  Production Company: Dea Film  //  2016

The Perfect Husband

Director: Lucas Pavetto  //  Production Company: Dea Film  //  2014

Beyond the Edge (Italian shooting)

Director: Aleksandr Boguslavskiy  //  Cast: Antonio Banderas, Milos Bikovic, Petar Zekavica  //  Production Companies: Kinodanz, AMBI Group  //  2018

Il Ministro

Director: Giorgio Amato  //  Production Company: Golden Production  //  2016

Outing - Fidanzati per sbaglio

Director: Matteo Vicino  //  Production Company: Camaleo  //  2013

Lockdown Generation

Director: Francesco Cinquemani  //  Production Company: RS //  2021

The Good Witch of Christmas

Director: Francesco Cinquemani  //  Cast: Tom Arnold, William Baldwin  //  Production Company: Minerva Pictures //  2022

Of Love & Wine (segment)

Director: Giuseppe Gandini  //  Cast: Massimo Olcese, Ignazio Oliva, Christian Borromeo  //  Production Company: Amadeus Entertainment //  2023

Tiro Libero

Director: Alessandro Valori  //  Production Company: Linfa Crowd 2.0  //  2017

TV Series Anchor


Director: Alessandro Celli  //  Production Companies: Stand by me, Netflix  //  2022

Club 57 (Italian shooting)

Director: Gustavo Cotta  //  Production Companies: Nickelodeon, Rainbow  //  2019

TV Movies Anchor

Il Paese delle piccole piogge

Director: Sergio Martino  //  Production Companies: Dania Film, RAI  //  2012

The African Game

Director: Michael E. Lemick (Michele Massimo Tarantini)  //  Production Companies: Dania Film, RAI  //  2009

Short Films Anchor

The Red Stain - La Macchia Rossa

Director: Rodrigo Saavedra  //  Client: F.F. Coppola Winery  //  Agency: Landia  //  Production Companies: Directors Bureau, Think | Cattleya  //  2017


The Recycling Man

Director: Carlo Ballauri //  Production Companies: Cavalieri della Notte, Sukiyaki Studio  //  2020

Le Mani sulle macerie

Director: Niccolò Riviera  //  Production Company: Wave Cinema  //  2019

Il Lato oscuro

Director: Vincenzo Alfieri  //  Production Company: Guinesia Pictures  //  2016

Commercials Anchor

Gomorrah - Spoiler Killers

Director: Claudio Cupellini  //  Client: SKY Italia  //  Agency: Publicis Italia  //  Production Company: Think | Cattleya  //  2017


Director: Rodrigo Saavedra  //  Client: NUGO  //  Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi  //  Production Company: Think | Cattleya  //  2018


Groupama - My Protection / The Big Jump

Directors: Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson  //  Client: Groupama  //  Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi  //  Production Company: Think | Cattleya  //  2017

Pocket Coffee

Director: Marco Missano  //  Client: Ferrero //  Agency: BCube  //  Production Company: Think | Cattleya  //  2017

Music Videos Anchor

Apriti Cielo

Director: Paolo Mannarino  //  Artist: Mannarino  //  Production Company: Universal Music Italia  //  2016

Arca di Noè

Director: Paolo Mannarino  //  Artist: Mannarino  //  Production Company: Universal Music Italia  //  2016