Born and raised in Naples, when I turned 19 I decided that the time had come to pursue my destiny, so I moved to Rome to attend Film Director classes at the New University of Cinema and Television in Cinecittà.


Upon my Diploma, while enduring my early experiences as a newbie in the Film Industry, I enrolled at Roma Tre University, receiving in 2009 a Summa Cum Laude Master's Degree in Historical, Critical and Theoretical Studies on Cinema and Audiovisuals.


Since 2008 I have been working in and off Italy (USA, Europe, Africa) as 1st Assistant Director for mainstream features, TV & independent film projects, commercials, and music videos, assisting both experienced and debut directors.


In 2017 I was 1st AD to Academy-Award® Winner Director Robert Moresco for his feature film Bent, starring Andy Garcia, Sofia Vergara, and Karl Urban. Our collaboration continued in 2022 for the Amazon Prime Video project Lamborghini - The Man Behind the Legend, starring Frank Grillo, Gabriel Byrne, and Mira Sorvino.


In 2022 production company Fremantle hired me as 1st AD for the 4th and final season of HBO's critically acclaimed show My Brilliant Friend, based on the worldwide hit novels by Elena Ferrante.


During my career, I had the pleasure of sharing the set with several other major international film stars, such: as Antonio Banderas, Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Eva Longoria, and Dolph Lundgren, just to name a few.


As an author, besides documentary and fiction short films, I edited and co-directed Platges, a full-length documentary film selected at Sitges MEDIMED Festival (Spain) and Valdarno Cinema FEDIC Festival (Italy).


I'm currently collaborating with several associations and private companies, producing, filming, and directing commercials, corporate videos and fashion films.


Acting as a Filmmaker and Video Journalist, to this day, I have written, produced, and filmed more than 200 reports, documentaries, and insight features for renowned international video agencies and broadcasters, such: as RUPTLY (Germany), China Plus (China), RT (Russia), PressTV (Iran), JoVE (USA), MedPage Today (USA), Global News (Canada), Warner Bros. Home Video (USA), Ten TV Network (Egypt), and Channel 9 (Israel).


In 2016 I joined the EU-funded project VolunTube World as a Video Trainer and Tutor. Since then I have trained and tutored for this and other similar projects more than 50 young people from European, Asian, and South American countries. I gave them theoretical and practical training on how to film and edit short documentaries about sensitive global issues. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my whole life.


Needless to say, my biggest and wildest dream is to become a Film Director. All my life I have been dreaming about that one day, hopefully not too far, when I can finally direct my own movies for the big screen. I have written the script for an amazing feature film and all my efforts are focused on making it happen...